Services Canceled

All services at the church building are canceled until further notice.  All updates will be posted on Facebook and on this page.  

Please see the letter from Pastor and the leadership team below, regarding a tentative plan to reopen to in-person services has been postponed to July 19th.  Updates will be provided as they become available.

Message From the Pastor

July 1, 2020

To: Sodaville Church Family

From: Pastor & Team

Greetings! It is necessary for me to contact you once again to report to you the steps we have and are taking to reopen. While we were hoping to open the doors of the church on July 5th, we regret that due to planning as well as circumstances beyond our control, we find it necessary to delay our re-gathering until July 19, 2020. Although we are disappointed, the decision was made after time in prayer, in the Scriptures, and prayer discussion, and the decision was unanimous.

When you do come on the 19th, you will see a different setting, but the joy will be being together again. The following are steps to assure we are complying with the authorities:

1. Entrance through the south doors, and exit through two side doors.

2. The wearing of masks is compulsory by the governor. We will provide when necessary.

3. To prevent congestion, there will be ushers to seat and dismiss.

4. Visitors will be asked to sign visitor’s card to keep a record of those who are in the building.

5. When served the Communion, we will be individually served. Instruction will be given at the time.

6. Sunday School will electronically meet until further notice.

7. Wednesday’s ministry will be likewise by Zoom until further notice.

8. The offering boxes will be placed at each exit.

Friends, this has been a very frustrating period for all of us, and we beg you, in the gentleness and meekness of Christ, to bear with us until we are no longer required to undergo these necessary changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

I am yours because His,

Winston Thurton, Pastor

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