Services Canceled

All services at the church building are canceled until further notice.  All updates will be posted on Facebook and on this page.

Sunday Message March 29, 2020

Message From the Pastor

Dear Church Family,

When I was a young boy we used to sing a gospel song titled, "In Times Like These", and my, how our world has changed in the last ten days. Few, if any of us, can have seen what is upon us today, and so after meeting and praying, the following decisions have been made.

     They are as follows:

1. The service scheduled for Sunday, March 15, and all services throughout the week will be cancelled.

2. During the week we are trying to find a cleaning agent that can professionally disinfect the entire building.

3. While we will be in touch with one another as church servants, we will prayerfully meet again to determine the coming days.

4. Pastoral care will continue to be available at all times 24/7.

5. In the event we are capable to assemble the following Sunday, you can be assured that all necessary steps would have been taken to assure the safety of every member of the family.

6. Steve Cleveland will be contacted to see about the possibility of serving you by way of social media and our church website. We will inform everyone about the developments.

     Two last things...

1. These steps were needed and were not made in or with fear. We have taken these steps in conjunction with the environment in which we live, and in response to the information given by those in the know, including our conference superintendent.

2. Fear is a paralyzing emotion and as those whose trust in the Sovereign Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, He has promised to grant us perfect peace because we trust in Him. (Is. 26:3)


The best way to overcome fear is getting to know God better from His Word and in praying. I want to invite you to join me and the servants of the church to pray for:

1. Ours and other churches in the community.

2. Community, State and Federal leaders who are seeking to respond to the needs as a result of COVID-19.

3. That as believers we will so trust God that He will protect us as this virus spreads.

4. One another; that God will preserve us as a church family and that in all things, He will be glorified!

Yours because His,

Pastor Winston & the team

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